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5x increase in live opportunities within  6 months of using Stotles

Commercial Team
Travel Planet

Founded in 2014, TravelPlanet provides travel management services to private and public sector organisations. Travel Planet partnered with Stotles to streamline their public sector tender tracking process and redirect sales efforts with strategic insight into competitor activity. Within 6 months, the UK sales team experienced a >5x increase in live opportunities in their pipeline.

The Challenge

New to the UK & Ireland public sector, and operating in a challenging post-COVID business travel sector, the TravelPlanet sales team faced several hurdles when looking to engage with the public sector:

  • High risk of missed opportunities – having to manually monitor multiple public sector tender portals meant the team couldn't be confident all opportunities were being captured
  • Limited insight into competitor activity – a lack of visibility into existing travel management contracts meant the team were unable to target prospective clients with tailored messaging
  • Low returns for resource required – lead generation was a time-consuming process, which created a barrier to the public sector as a viable market.

To succeed in the public sector market, Travel Planet needed a complete, single source of insight into public sector activity. By simplifying tender tracking, the sales team would free up time and resource to focus on more strategic, revenue-generating activities.

The Solution

Having joined the Crown Commercial Service Travel Management framework, focus quickly shifted to maximising opportunities via this channel. Supported by the Stotles team, Travel Planet configured a customised feed of public sector activity providing live updates of buying signals and opportunities, freeing up more time for analysis of the existing competitor landscape and potential partner ecosystem.

The team became:

  • More efficient – Stotles became their single source of public sector data. Confident in the comprehensive coverage of UK & Ireland activity, the team were able to capture and qualify leads more quickly with easy access to deep-dive buyer and competitor insights for relevant opportunities.
  • More proactive – with insight into historic competitor awards, the team were able to strategically target prospective buyers earlier in the sales funnel and with more targeted messaging.

The Results

  • 5.1 increase in live opportunities within the first 6 months of using Stotles
  • Increased efficiency with tailored daily alerts

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