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InnovateUK grant backs Stotles to unlock next-level public sector visibility for suppliers 🚀

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 at Stotles

We’re so excited to announce InnovateUK has awarded us their Smart Grant in support of our plans for “game-changing R&D innovation” in the GovTech industry.

We’re more motivated than ever to scale-up and build the most robust, diverse and easy-to-action model of real-time government procurement activity across the continent.

For our users, this grant will allow for next-level data quality that’s more in-depth and relevant than ever before, with clear steps on how to action insights to win more public sector work.

To put this into more context, the features we’ll be developing because of this grant will give users access to:

  • More real-time data gathering that help users get in-front of tenders and gain deeper knowledge of frameworks before they’re released
  • More tools that allow users to be more agile as a team, with personalised views of the market based on individual priorities
  • Expand the data we collect into new types such as documents, news, invoice level data, and much more

Everything we implement from here intends to challenge the status quo of how our space has functioned over the past decade. We want to create a web of how everyone across the public and private sector is connected, and where it makes the most sense for suppliers to most effectively fit into the puzzle.

As part of this announcement, we're offering free access to our entire platform for 14 days via this link. Sign up now to access millions of relevant opportunities and insights into your key buyers, partners, competitors and key decision-maker contacts allowing you to approach the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

"We’re grateful and excited for InnovateUK’s support as it will supercharge our R&D efforts and fast-track our goal of connecting everyone across the private and public sector." Taj Kamranpour, Stotles Co-Founder & COO

We’re excited to see how our product development over the next 12 months can help deepen our data and insights for suppliers to leverage when creating the most compelling pub-sec applications.

For more information on the type of grant we’ve been awarded, visit this link.

To learn more about how Stotles can help you as a supplier, sign up for free today.



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