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Stotles & Advice Cloud partner up; giving tech vendors easier route to public sector

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 at Stotles

Today, Stotles is proud to announce our new partnership with Advice Cloud! This partnership has formed to help technology companies more easily go-to-market in the public sector.

Advice Cloud is a market leader in helping tech firms navigate purchasing frameworks used by the UK government (such as Digital Outcomes & Specialists or GCloud). Stotles is a quickly-growing public sector sales platform, helping sales & marketing teams find, create, and organise better opportunities across the public sector. Together, our collaboration will enable end-to-end simplicity for tech vendors navigating the red-hot public sector digital market.

The first virtual partnership event is taking place on 13 May 2021. Reserve your spot here.

Here's what you need to know (benefits for tech firms)

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  • The partnership will deliver a collaborative service offering to customers and the broader market:
  • Eligible Advice Cloud clients receive exclusive partner-level access to Stotles' platform.
  • Stotles & Advice Cloud will jointly provide practical guidance to the broader market.
  • Advice Cloud helps you unlock the key public sector purchasing frameworks; holds a 100% framework acceptance rate.
  • Stotles helps you find, create, and organise better opportunities on those frameworks faster; improves sales efficiency by up to 11x.
  • The first public partnership event is on 13 May 2021 via live webinar called New Ways of Opening Doors to Public Sector Contracts. Open to the first 50 sign-ups, the webinar will share up-and-coming best practices on unlocking public sector work and outline the partnership benefits. Reserve your spot here.

Here's what people are saying

Stephen Allott, former Crown Representative for SME in the Cabinet Office, commented on the new collaboration:

"Stotles and Advice Cloud is a compelling partnership. Advice Cloud's clients can use Stotles to discover better public sector opportunities earlier in the procurement process. The public sector as a whole will benefit as the partnership opens up the market to new technology suppliers and enables them to learn the public sector procurement process."

John Kelly, Head of Public Sector for Freshworks' UK&I business described his experience working with Advice Cloud and Stotles:

"As a rapidly scaling Public Sector Sales team, it is critical for us [Freshworks] to access the right knowledge for ensuring total compliance with the Public Sector Sales processes in order to make it easy for our customers to do business with us. Advice Cloud has continuously provided us with this expertise. Similarly, leveraging data is critical to ensure efficiency around our go-to-market efforts. Stotles has been a game changer for us in this regard."

Henry Rex, Associate Director of Government & Health at TechUK commented on the benefits for SMEs:

“Advice Cloud and Stotles coming together is an exciting development for the GovTech market. Combining their expertise and capabilities will create a powerful engine to help many more SMEs bring innovation to the market and drive transformation across the public sector.”

Our co-founder and CEO, John Witt, discussed the reasoning behind the partnership:

"Simplicity - that's what this partnership is all about. People are craving a simpler way to find, understand, act on opportunities in the public sector. We could not be more pleased to work with a values-driven company like Advice Cloud to simplify the market for more tech suppliers."

What's next?

As the partnership goes live today, we welcome you reach out at if you'd like to learn more or get involved. You can also request early access to Stotles to find better opportunities faster.

In addition, if you have questions about government frameworks, please reach out to Advice Cloud about the frameworks relevant to you.

And from there, we hope to see you in our first partnership event on 13 May. Sign up here to reserve your spot.