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Stotles & NewBusiness.Dev partner up; create easier path to public sector work

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 at Stotles

Our Newest Partner

Today, we're proud to announce our newest partnership with NewBusiness.Dev!

NewBusiness.Dev are experts in public sector business development & bid support. Their service offering extends across the UK and Europe, with proven results across verticals like finance and insurance, telecoms, and ICT.

Our partnership is designed to help more teams get the guidance, knowledge, and support needed to turn opportunities found on Stotles into more winning bids further down the sales funnel.

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Why NewBusiness.Dev

Sales and bid teams use Stotles to find, create, and organise better opportunities in the public sector. As our customers find more (and better) opportunities, relationships, meetings, SQLs, and tenders, they often ask for support in bidding on the opportunities created with Stotles.

That's why we're thrilled to collaborate with NewBusiness.Dev! NewBusiness.Dev brings seasoned experience and a proven track record of bid support that leads to real wins and results.

At Stotles, we're building an ecosystem that provides teams with the tools needed to access the public sector. Beyond our product, we're creating access to industry-relevant support and services, like those provided by NewBusiness.Dev.

Our partnership with NewBusiness.Dev adds new, sharper tools to the belts of our customers. It will provide end-to-end guidance for navigating public sector sales and procurement cycles - from creating opportunities all the way to winning them.

The Partnership Headlines

  • The partnership will co-deliver an offering to current customers and the broader market:
  • Anyone can start finding relevant opportunities using Stotles Basics for free.
  • Eligible NewBusiness.Dev clients receive NewBusiness.Dev partner-level access to Stotles - enabling additional client support to find better and earlier opportunities.
  • Stotles & NewBusiness.Dev will jointly provide practical guidance to the broader market.

What's next

As our partnership goes live today, we welcome you to take advantage of free access to Stotles. Our platform can help you save time finding, creating, organising, and acting on more relevant opportunities in the public sector.

If you have questions about public sector bid support and business development guidance, reach out to NewBusiness.Dev, who can provide concrete guidance that leads to more winning bids.