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Stotles & Mozer kick-start partnership; give teams a simpler path to winning public sector opportunities

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 at Stotles

Our Newest Partner

Today, we are thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Mozer!

Mozer specialises in bids, proposals, pitching and training. Mozer advises across all sectors and have a deep expertise in the real estate and property industries.

This partnership has been designed to help teams generate even more downstream wins on the opportunities they're finding & creating with Stotles.

We're holding our first virtual partnership event on 14 June 2021. During the event, we'll showcase the strategies that leading suppliers are using to find and win opportunities in the public sector. We'll also reveal the benefits of the Stotles + Mozer partnership. Reserve your spot here.

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Why Mozer

At Stotles, we have a fast-growing base of commercial teams using our platform to find, create, and organise better opportunities in the public sector. As our customers across industries find more relevant opportunities, we also hear questions about best practices in bidding and pitching on these opportunities.

One of our goals is to equip the Stotles ecoystem with all the tools needed to access the public sector. This includes enabling industry-relevant support throughout the sales funnel.

Mozer's team has an 80% win rate in helping companies to bid, pitch, and win work in the public sector. Because of Mozer's reputation and results, there is no team better suited to help real estate and property businesses turn opportunities into wins.

Our partnership with Mozer will enable end-to-end support for customers throughout the sales and procurement cycle - from sourcing opportunities all the way to winning them.

The Partnership Headlines

  • The partnership will deliver a linked service-offering to current customers and the broader market:
  • Anyone can start finding relevant opportunities using Stotles Basics for free.
  • Eligible Mozer clients receive exclusive partner-level access to Stotles' platform - unlocking more advanced insights to find better and earlier opportunities.
  • Stotles & Mozer will jointly provide practical guidance to the broader market.

What's next

As our partnership goes live today. We welcome you to take advantage of free access to Stotles. Our platform can help you save time finding more relevant opportunities in the public sector.

If you have questions about bidding, proposals or pitching, reach out to Mozer about how you can start crafting more compelling, winning bids and proposals.

And from there, we hope to see you in our first partnership event on 14 June. Sign up here to reserve your spot.